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Aug 7 2012 Roots LinkUp Guinea Embassy Tour' in Washington DC

Free ‘Roots LinkUp Guinea Embassy Tour’ in Washington DC Aug 7

Free ‘Roots LinkUp Guinea Embassy Tour’ in Washington DC Aug 7
Diaspora Africans get Guinean names, certificates, with Guinean foreign minister and Amb. George W. Haley as headliners

Springfield Virginia – Come 10am-2pm Saturday August 7 2010, hundreds of Diaspora Africans, including African Americans, African immigrants and all other Blacks living outside Africa, would converge at 2940 Edgevale Terrace N.W. Washington, DC 20008 for the first ever Roots LinkUp Guinea Embassy Tour organized by World Ebony Network, a Springfield Virginia-based nonprofit, with Guinean Foreign Minister, Bakary Fofana, as chair and Ambassador George W. Haley, former US Ambassador to The Gambia and brother of Pulitzer winning Roots author, Alex Haley, as Grand Patron.

"Gimme My Guinean Name" Naming Ceremony at Roots Linkup Guinean

Based on Ambassador Kaba’s good relationship with Diaspora Guineans, other African immigrants, as well as the wider black communities in the USA and the good image he has with the American community, which has helped to place Guinea in the good books of many people and following the recent successful presidential elections in Guinea, we deemed it necessary to make Guinea the first African country to showcase in this first Roots Linkup embassy tour series.
A major highlight of the Saturday 7th August event is a naming ceremony, “Gimme My Guinean Name”. This affords individuals the opportunity to adopt Guinea names of their choice of a way of palpably connecting emotionally to the country of Guinea where their ancestors originated. When this happens, attendees will be compelled to talk about their experiences at the Guinea embassy. Some of our confirmed special guests include the Guinean Foreign minister, Minister Bakary Fofana, Delegate Jolene Ivey, Charge d’ Affair of the Mauritanian Director, Legal Affairs American Diabetes Association Dexter Cummings, Fatih Culha bringing the Turkish business community as a true partner to foster/facilitate African-Americans investment in Africa, and expected special guests, such as ambassadors from the 15 Ecowas countries.