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History Workshops



In honor of black history month celebration, this workshop will provide an opportunity to address WEN’s 2nd vision: To reconcile the estrange cultural relationship of people of African ancestry. WEN condemns the barbarity of slave trade that brought over 11 million Africans to the new world in chains.

Recently, the finger pointing dial is greatly tilting to Africa as the culprit to blame, but how true is this claim? According to Bartleby research, “Europeans and Africans both played a major role in the slave trade and are both to blame for the capturing and selling of African slaves. African’s played a much bigger role in the Atlantic Slave trade than the ones being enslaved.”

This is a serious accusation that must be discussed among colored people. This workshop will serve to enlighten, and educate many. In the recent era, this claim seem not to favor the relationships of people of color. Seasoned authors, brother Haki Ammi will have a dialogue with a renowned Nigerian author, Mr. Chike Nwaka and in a space of two hours, we will begin to gain clarity into how to distill the myths and and uncover the truths toward the reconciliation of colored people.


Haki S. Ammi is a Baltimore native who currently resides in the Yale Heights community.  Haki is an Honorably Discharged United States Navy Veteran, Best Selling Author, Event Speaker, Radio Host, and Entrepreneurial Advocate.  He has worked in the Baltimore City Fire Department as a Fire Fighter/EMT since 2004.  

Mr. Ammi volunteers as a Board Member of the Vulcan Blazers, a trade association of African American Fire Fighters.  He served as the Recording Secretary and now as the Political Director.  

The citizens of Maryland’s District 44A elected him to the Baltimore City Democratic State Central Committee in 2018.  Haki currently serves as the Treasurer for Baltimore City Democratic Party.  

Ammi has been a supporter of the Maryland Legislative Black Caucus by informing citizens about Caucus events and arranging, promoting, and arranging media appearances and interviews for Caucus members.  He has participated in various political campaigns as an advisory committee advisor, outreach coordinator, Get Out The Vote consultant, and Election Day manager.

Chike Nwaka was educated at the elite Government College Afikpo, South East Nigeria. he also attended the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and the University of Benin for his post graduate studies in Fine/Applied Arts. A writer, poet, artist, cartoonist and a former Newspaper columnist, he plays the guitar passably, composes songs and sings as a hobby. He was a Principal Lecturer at the famous Art School of the IMT, Enugu.

He later joined the Federal Road Safety Commission where he held very top senior administrative and command positions, and retired as an Assistant Corps Marshal. The Book: “I will tell you only the truth about the land of Aro as it was handed down to us by our fathers…as preserved in our ageless folklore…Nuggets of truth securely kept in the universal memory store; tapped therefrom by our historian bards who…reveal them to the people in canticles of unrivaled melody, and in verses of unmatched poetry…even as they are manually recorded by our skilled chroniclers in our sacred Nsibiri scripts.” “Many wonderous tales emerged after the battles – tales of the unrivaled prowess and invincibility of Chima in battle. Some asserted that he could multiply himself and appear in many places at the same time…to scatter the enemy.”