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Culture Competency Advocacy Mediation



World Ebony Network (WEN), a culturee competent, 501c3 charitable and educational organization, works with diverse groups, ethnic-based groups included, to plead and advance their social economic causes utilizing WEN CULTURE COMPETENCE ADVOCACY & MEDIATION PROGRAM (cCAMP). cCAMP is decomposed into the following seven or more deliverable components to address a client’s needs based: Economic, legal referral services, cultural advocacy, prevention and diversion, literacy, research and inquiry, and welfare services.

The WEN Cultural Advocacy (WCA) is a cCAMP workpackage. WCA further defines steps and procedures to provide cultural insight and advise on a case or issue and manage the communication flow and expectations between complainant and their client, client’s family, and community to ensure the successful outcomes. WCA is formulated for adequate and reasonable client and age specific and appropriate work-structure and packets, in which all collaborators can best comply with, execute their roles to the best of their abilities, manage and rectify the situation to ultimately bring about a successful solution.