Culinary Traditions

culinary traditions

Food is the linchpin of society, connecting our beliefs, ethnicities, individual cultures, and cultural heritage.  Because food is passed down from one generation to another within families and communities and from one community to another, experts say that “food defines a people.”

Even when migrants are detached from their ethnic extractions due to migration, they often find local ingredients to create familiar recipes. Adapting local ingredients to create familiar dishes is fast becoming a foodie trend.

Cultural practices vary and can be seen in the preparations, consumptions, etc., of a people’s dishes. Some eat with their hands, while others eat with chopsticks, forks, spoons, and knives. Some cultures believe in communal eating. There are some cultures whose foods evolved based on the influences of their colonizers.

There’s much to culinary traditions that can be written on this page, so let’s use this platform to explore together…

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