Govt Relations Workshops



This workshop addresses the growing and emerging concerns over the issues of inheritance. As societies evolve, and prosperity spreads, most people are living outside their ethnic communities through intra ethnic marriages, economic necessities, etc. Regardless of the migration trends, the reality is that most people are unprepared for some of its consequences, which includes the challenges facing inheritance.

Inheritance challenges include preparedness in the face of death. Let’s face it – Most people have no idea when they will die and most people fail to embrace the idea that they will die one day. Death happens to everyone and most are living in denial and complacency. Hence, they fail to prepare for what happens to their property While they are alive. Planning ahead is possible. It includes managing inheritance. This is an art that promotes and encourages inculcating inheritance into one’s future goals.

Inheritance planning is an activity that forces one to think about what is happening around one as it relates to their properties, investments, monies, patents, and other fiduciary interests with their partners. However, upon their demise, they are not in control of their estate, living loved ones to a bitter struggle over who owns what and to what extent.

Inheritance workshop is a series of workshops that will offer highlights of the problems, proffer solutions, and the need to be proactive while alive. In essence, while living, it is not a time for being in denial and complacent. The first inheritance workshop will paint a clear picture of the present situations for many around our communities and societies affecting marriages, sibling rivalries, and family feud and how to prevent, address, and resolve these issues