WEN chapters implement age-appropriate programs, projects, and activities to empower members of our communities. Much like the traditional practices of old, the chapter structure is patterned after a village or community setting where members are of various ages from young to old, share philosophies, principles, and practices, which include playing various roles, performing certain duties, and lending support to one another.

Led by an Empowerment Group Director, who serves as a sponsor to the chapter and mobilization support and advisor to the chapter Vice President, a chapter’s mobilization size should see significant growth within a reasonable time frame.

You can choose to start a chapter in your geographic location, school, church, etc., of one or more empowerment groups of your choice.

Click here to see how to start your chapter or ask for an application form through empower@worldebonynetwork.com. Once you are registered and are an official WEN member, encourage 9 other people in your community to do the same. Your chapter will be set up for you, and your team will be on your way to launching your chapter by the 3rd month.