cCAMP – Network of Legal Expert

We Get it! Finding a lawyer can be a pain.
With WEN it doesn’t have to be. Why? We put the energy into optimizing the client’s intake process to creating a better lawyer/client experience. In other words, we promise the following:
“We help clients manage their lawyer’s expectations and help lawyers meet their client’s needs.”
By improving the client’s intake experience, we make the client’s consultation session with the lawyer more meaningful.
*We provide clients the opportunity to apply WEN’s cCAMP to supplement the information the lawyer needs to present to the Judge, toward a winning outcome, no matter the jurisdiction the case is in.
Simply put, we help the lawyer focus on the client’s needs on the path to a better outcome.
… but one thing we do not promise is retention. You have to discuss retention issues/concerns with the lawyer (see below)”.

LRS is a vessel of truth that provides legal services:

Per request of our participating lawyers, WEN does the initial screening and the lawyers take cases on the following price categories:

1. Pro-bono

2. Low-bono

3. Regular

If you or anyone you know need a lawyer please ask him/she/they to send a description of their situation to: