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Theatrical Productions

We develop skits from original works, anecdotes from family and friends of the celebrant, and instruct and expose our youth to the ethics and lifestyles of their heritage. Our plays help them to unleash their full imaginations and creativeness while connecting and teaching them the timeless core values of their ancestors.

Music & Dance Workshops

Our music education offers an opportunity to use dance movements as a platform for learning about self-esteem, while expressing their creativity. It also helps to engage the youth in positive activities that teaches them cognitive and social skills, and provides a physical activity for managing health and well-being. Participants are exposed to various art instruments and expressions from different social groups.

Creative Writing

Our creative writing activities teach our target audience how to improve their writing skills, discover ideas in a group setting, capture, in writing, the past, present, and the future. Activities range from essay competitions to book writing. WEN uses its “IT TAKES A VILLAGE” campaign to support academic excellence in local schools through its creative writing activities.