Program Areas


Welcome To WEN's Portfolios/Business Units

WEN utilizes 10 dimensions of culture as program areas and/or organizational business units to define the makeup of the social group of African heritage.
At WEN, we have provided a platform of researching, inquiring, learning, and understanding how THE PAST connects with PRESENT and what was and is applicable for diverse social groups. With this knowledge, it’s easier for us at WEN to find and design solutions around us that intimately integrate with the organization’s mission as well as the strategic goals, and client’s need, which ultimately results in a program module, plan, projects, and activities (WEN products).

These products help manage as many aspects of their lives as possible, utilizing and applying those timeless core values of our fore fathers. Carefully researched solutions and resources within our business units, categorized by 10 dimensions of who we are, are available at our various chapters within your reach. Let US explore them.

Dr. Kingsley Ikem-Ifudu

1. Government Relations
2. International Relations
3. Economic Resource and Development
4. Education
5. Health
6. Family Life and Communities
7. Peace Keeping and Making
8. Arts and Crafts
9. Science and Technology
10. Recreation

Because our portfolios or program areas overlap, projects and activities are drawn from one or more of them – This is shown by the lines from one program are to another:
Eg: EYE Court is under:
Education, Government Relations


Our Planning Approach

WEN’s best strategy in program development and implementation is the flexibility of group participation where WEN extends invitations to outside consultants and facilitators to join in strategy and planning sessions. Our goal is to create the “Perfect” plan from continuous updates as we learn about meeting our client’s needs.

You can participate in any of the following roles:

o Program Governance Team Member
o Project Governance Team Member
o Technical Team Memeber
o Team Lead
o Team Memeber
o Stakeholder
o Sponsor
o Mentor