Ebony Youth Empowerment Performance At Igbo Village

On July 2014, 12 of our Ebony Youth Empowerment (EYE) met at the CEO’s desiring to travel with to the Igbo Village in Staunton VA, for the 1st World Igbo Arts and Culture event on July 24th – 27th on a heritage education excursion.

About half of them were college bound and the other half had no idea what they want to do. Some days before they met and created vases out of paper mache and it was rewarding listening to them chat among themselves. Every so often, the CEO gave them the chance to chat  and she couldn’t help but realize these were our future leaders and how important it was for adults to continue guiding them.

While listening, she imagined the 2 recent incidences this year where 2 Nigerian boys their age had killed their family members. One killed his mom and the other, which happened some days before, had killed his 15 year old brother. She thought to herself that those young boys could have been engaged as these youths were. Nevertheless, as her mind drifted back to their conversations, she heard them discussing various topics about what they wanted to do, how they wished they could learn about money management, regrets on decisions they made in  the past, and how important it was to know their identity.

After funding the trip, the balance of the money will be used to purchase back to school supplies such as note books, sanitary napkins, bathroom supplies, etc. WITH YOUR GENEROUS DONATION, HOPE BECOMES A DROP AWAY.  

Tiffany Agina Showcases WEN EYE Dance

The girl child is very important in the Igbo culture because she patterns after the older women in the community. Each moment is a teachable one and her role is learn how to take care of her home and the values for which she will use to nurture her husband, her children, the extended family, and the community that she belongs to. She not only learns how to cook but the right words to speak to her husband. From a tender age, she learns that soothing words makes her husbands heart tender towards her.


Through WEN’s cultural heritage education program, young girls can learn the necessary core values that will guide her in today’s life; whether at the workplace, at her church, or anywhere.

Click on this video to listen to Tiffany’s interpretation of the role of young Igbo girls. This video was made by News Leader in Staunton, VA. 


We are grateful for your kind donations. Please continue to support our youth. They had such a wonderful heritage educational experience. They received names, were eager to learn the language, and posted their experiences on their social media even before returning and got 100+ likes among other experiences they had. Other youth regretted traveling with us to the extent that they left messages asking why they weren’t taken along. It wouldn’t be easy supporting this charitable endeavor without your help. Please note that we would really appreciate your donations. We know that every penny counts; however, we’re hoping you can spare $1.00 or more. Thank you for your support.

Here’s what News Leader, a local newspaper, said about our WEN EYE youth http://www.newsleader.com/story/news/local/2014/07/26/staunton-hosts-world-festival-nigerian-culture/13222787/

WEN Ebony Youth Empowerment (EYE) STAND PROUD