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O. Wilson



Mr. Orlando “Andy” Wilson is a private investigator & writer that has worked internationally at all levels of the specialist security and investigation industry for over 30 years. Over the years, he has become accustomed to the types of complications that can occur, when dealing with international law enforcement agencies and the problem of dealing with kidnapping, organized criminal, and Mafia groups.

Mr. Wilson is originally from Falmouth, Cornwall in the United Kingdom and his ancestral origins are Celtic and Northern European. He grew up around fishing boats and spent most of his time outdoors. At the age of 16 years he left Falmouth at the first opportunity to work on commercial fishing boats in North Devon.

His experience in the international security business began in 1988 when he enlisted in the British army at 17 years of age and volunteered for a 22-month front-line, operational tour in Northern Ireland in an infantry unit, 4 Platoon, 1 WFR. This tour of duty gave him an excellent grounding in personal security and anti-terrorist operations. He then joined his unit’s Reconnaissance Platoon, with which he undertook intensive training in small-unit warfare. He also trained with specialist units, such as the Royal Marine Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre on the island of South Georgia (800 miles S.E. of the Falkland Islands) and the U.S. Army’s Special Forces in Germany.

Mr. Wilson’s time spent working in Eastern Europe in the 1990’s gave him firsthand experience of the operational procedures or organized criminals and Mafia groups from the former Soviet Union. In addition to overseeing criminal cases which have been the first of their kind in their respective country. His operations in Mexico training tactical police teams put him in a unique position to understand the war on Narco Terrorism. His continuous and ongoing projects focusing on kidnap and ransom prevention in South American, Caribbean and West Africa has given him the knowledge to formulate practical programs to counter the kidnapping threat.

His diverse and continuous operational experience over the past 30 plus years enables him to provide no nonsense professional services and training programs. His operational procedures are cutting edge and the most effective commercially available. He is a partner at Risks Incorporated.

Mr. Wilson is a published author, writer, photographer and has been interviewed by numerous international TV and media outlets on topics ranging from kidnapping, organized crime to maritime piracy. He has been interviewed by media outlets ranging from the Professional Mariner Magazine, Newsweek Serbija, Newsweek en Espanol, GrupoMilenio, MundoFox, The New York Times, Soldier of Fortune Magazine and others. He currently works with Pro Content Media, a Miami based content and full service production company.