Ms. M. Jews

Ms. Marsha Reeves Jews

CEO of The Bissell Street Group, Inc. a leader in using technology for multicultural communities, addresses the digital divide and innovative STEM educational technologies by developing culturally respectful educational programming and technology strategies for educational systems and community-based organizations. Some of her clients include: the Institute for Learning Technologies, the Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Columbia University; The City of Annapolis’ Minority and Small Business Economic Development Enterprise; The Baltimore Empowerment Zone; National Urban League; Alignment Strategies, Inc; VanJo Productions; and Urban Cyberspace.

As President of Career Communications Group, multimedia company, she co-founded Black and Hispanic Engineer and Information Technology Magazines, Black Engineer of the Year Awards Ceremony and Conference; Women of Color Technology Awards and Conference; Black Family Technology Awareness Week. Ms. Jews received the Visionary Award/Mercedes Benz Corporation. Ms. Jews assisted the Institute to receive the first technology grant from Microsoft for the Vieques Youth Leadership Initiative. She then served as development consultant for VYLI’s Radio Station, creating a multi-faceted fundraising strategy.