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Cultural Competent Advocacy

WEN can help you and your family reduce the unnecessary stress associated with finding and communicating with your doctor, nurse, nutritionist, etc. This is especially true when dealing with health threatening emergencies. In a world where health practitioners of diverse backgrounds serve others from different backgrounds, it can be equally as challenging for healthcare providers to master as many different cultures as possible while providing seeking to provide the best healthcare.

That’s why WEN steps in to make this process easy for both you and your health practitioner.
WEN provides:
1. Cultural competence nursing care workshops for hospitals, clinics, etc (Doctors, nurses, and other health practitioners)

2. With the partnership of various physicians of different cultural backgrounds, you can choose a physician who speaks the same language, eats the same foods, understands your beliefs, etc.

3. Engage the services of one of our cultural advocates to interpret your doctors instructions, communicate your demands, manage doctor’s expectations, etc.

Women Pioneers In Leadership Honors!

Hosted in partnership with the Permanent Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations, will achieve World Ebony Network’s mission of building the community on the timeless African philosophies, fundamental concepts, and principles of their fore fathers that the survival of the black family depends greatly on the wise use of the black woman’s God given abilities. The purpose of this event is to:

1. Explore the extraordinary and powerful role of the woman as the specie that all lives pass through as stated by author John Mbiti “that not only do women bear life, … [but also,] they nurse, cherish, give warmth, care for life since all human life passes through their bodies”.(http://www.afrikaworld.net/afrel/atr-women.htm) and [they are pillars for their husbands, where they are skilled in following the lead of their husbands; thereby allowing for parental coalition of both genders, advocacy of freedom and equality, and the harmony of family and community]

2. Assess societal changes (the old vs the new norms), which includes examining the modern day interpretation of the woman’s role in the family and community and taking stock of the human rights abuses, vulnerabilities, and devastating impacts on victims and their communities

Fast Intercultural Integration Transition In ... (FITin)

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Mentoring, Education, Integrations

Fast Intercultural/Integration Transition In… (FIITin) America Program — For Chibok School Girls Who Escaped Boko Haram …
FIITin is a WEN program that helps:
• A newcomer maintain the good aspects of an existing culture while dealing with the culture shock in a new culture or a community
• Members of a host country to empathize, understand, embrace, and accept the newcomer.
• Victims of abuse, epidemics, insurgency, etc., (practically displaced people regardless of source) re-integrate into the society . This includes utilizing various resources, including the collaboration of other organization to minimize the effect of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in their lives.

Shoe Box Size Care Package

Benefits Hospitals in Our Communities

In collaboration with organizations, groups, individuals, institutions, and businesses, a Shoebox Care Package Humanitarian, Educational, and RESEARCH Support Campaign organized by World Ebony Network will kicked off on June 24th 2017 to collect, package, deliver, and sometimes ship hygienic and medical supplies to patients on their sick beds in participating hospitals in our communities.
We have lined up several activities. They include an art auction, friendly basketball and soccer tournaments, etc.
If you are a hospital seeking to receive supplies, please sign up on the website to request supplies. The Collections teams will verify and provide your supply list to the Packaging and Shipping Team for delivery. Once you receive your supply, you will contact the Receiving and Confirmation team to confirm your stock. Your ability to account for the received supply, based on our terms and conditions, will qualify your organization to receive supplies next time.