D. Kaozar



Edu Oludamilare Kaozar, a former hotelier who supplies some amenities to hotels. But for God knows whatever reason, the work stopped; but the young man had to feed and fend for his family. Hence, the need to become more creative than ever imagined, this he decided to do using one of the most wonderful fruits of nature – the watermelon. According to him, watermelon comprises of three colours: the green bark, the white underneath it, and the red inside the fruit itself – All three colors, according to him, appreciate art.

While this young man is highly talented, the challenges he faces in line with his business, include the availability of materials. Materials are scarce in the market and when they are available, they are expensive.

Art takes time and money.
WEN is pleading your support for Mr. Kaozar and similar artists, so they can strive and empower others.