Business Development



  • The World Ebony Network (WEN) has opened a door for individual competence, empowerment and employment in my life.
    I was opportuned to attend this all important one –day capacity building for self-development through the acquisition of skills/training that is going to help me have change of mindset to being self- reliant and creating opportunities for the youths.

    Mr. A.
    College Graduate and WEN Volunteer
  • As a principal of a school in Abia State Schools System, I will be more equipped on how to direct the students by inculcating in them, self-reliance and dignity of man. I am very grateful for this rare encouragement given to me by WEN/SEEDC to rebuild my life through capacity building and empowerment.

    Mrs C.
    High School Principal & WEB Volunteer
WEN’s entrepreneurship project, under the organization’s Economic Resource and Development Business Unit/Program Area, provides World Ebony Network Entrepreneurs (WENtrepenuers) and Ebony Youth Empowerment Entrpreneurs (EYEtrepreneurs) the cultural sensitive business skills, resource acquisitions, and lifestyle management needed to establish their own firms.
Through this program, the almost forgotten timeless values and principles are incorporated into every step of the process (pre-and-post training) to ensure they have the necessary support to survive the economy and give back to the community. WEN’s partnership with our partners fosters the spirit of collectivism and minimizes redundancy (re-inventing the wheel); thereby promoting the adaptation of the mindset required to face tomorrow’s ruthless marketplace.
WEN applies this philosophy, which not only minimizes redundancy but curbs duplication of efforts and unnecessary competition. That is why WEN partners with entrepreneurial centers to deliver the curriculum in locations where there are already centers, so that it can focus on meeting individualize needs and harnessing talents. 


… WENtrepreneur/EYEtrepreneur in any of the following ways:  donate a computer, used smart phone, calling cards, pay for a handout, help with homework assignments, help write teir business plans, etc. See Below process…