Government Relations


Our Civic Obligations

Justice is the bedrock of the African Culture. Our fore fathers recognized that social order and peace were essential and sacred. They believed that community solidarity must be maintained to prevent disintegration and destruction, especially since kinship relationship was paramount. As such, a crime committed by a member of the society was viewed as a crime against the corporate body where its consequences where far more reaching. The effects of the crime was “not only on the one who committed the crime, but also the whole body of his relatives). There exist, therefore, many laws, customs, set forms, of behaviors, regulations, rules, observations and taboos, [making] the moral code and ethics of a given community or society. … any breach of this code of behavior is considered evil, wrong, or bad and must be punished by the corporate community” (John Mbiti, pg. 200). Therefore, in this modern day, we must continue to make this our civic duties to wherever we are as well as transcend it our future generations.

Immigration Education

Don’t try to figure it out alone or waste your money on unnecessary fees. Our WEN immigration education sessions provide a platform for you to:
1. Listen, learn, Talk to immigration legal experts, law enforcement officers, and/or law makers
2. Easily access resources
3. Make your stay in America less frustrating

Need Community Service Hours?

1. Prove your loyalty to your host country by engaging in community service with WEN
2. Get certificate and letter of recommendation
3. Work with your lawyer



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The Law and Your Rights


Community policing educates community members on how to:
• Be a credible witness, as a citizen or community member
• Manage police expectations, i.e. what to do when you encounter a law enforcement officer
• Relate with the police, as a community
• etc.
Attend our workshop or we can host one at your event

Orienting New Arrivals Into Their Host Culture

NewCommer Education

Helping newcomers FIITin to their new host culture, so they learn how to:
• Easily locate resources
• Communicate with the locals
• Make better choices around finance, nutrition, health and wellness, changing their legal status, etc.
• etc.
Watch out for our calendar of events for event format (webinar or face to face workshops) and when to attend our workshop