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WEN Ambassador George W. Haley Inaugural Award for distinguished service


WEN Celebrates the Black History Month by remembering those who never quit to make a better tomorrow for us. Our late Grand Roots Patron, Late Ambassador George Haley, was one of those GIANTS who never quit. The heroes of our past, the man whose legacy we are yet to master.
Says Dr. Ezi Mecha, “Those quality hours spent with Ambassador Haley at his backyard as he recounted his experiences and his passion for helping people means so much to me. Watching him water his plants with smiles as he reminisced in his struggles through racism to provide for his family and become who many would rely are precious moments I will never forget. To consider me, that little Alabama girl of Igbo extraction, worth his time, means so much to me and I strive to set a similar example”
WEN’s 1st scholarship, in honor of Ambassador George Haley, will be awarded to a recipient who has taken time to identify his or her roots as well as exhibits distinguished service to humanity.
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We at WEN believe that KNOWING, MAINTAINING, OR LEARNING ONE’S SENSE OF IDENTITY is a sure solution to the dwindling morale decadence facing today’s world¬†and the increased poverty crippling many social groups, almost bringing them to a screeching halt. However, these solutions are challenged by the harsh societal changes that has permeated every culture producing so much terror, disruptive families, unruly children, inexperienced parents, etc. Given the severe impact on our families and communities today, we’re going back in time to re-examine our culture to see how we can apply the timeless African traditional principles to our modern day lives. Why? This is because of the characteristics of the population in many geographic areas. Today’s population is made up of people from diverse ethnic orientations co-existing together and there’s no set manual that tells at each and every step of the way how to deal with all these diverse groups.¬† It is expected that each social group will have its own culture, “The way they are and what works and does not work for them”. Culture is a way of life of a group of people: Their shared beliefs, behaviors, values, norms, symbols, communication, which are typically passed down from one generation to another.

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We provide legal advisory services to people of African ancestry around the world.