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Our Mission & Vision

World Ebony Network’s mission is to strengthen the African -descendant family and to appreciate the good aspects of other cultures.

World Ebony Network decided that it was time to move towards all blacks and non-blacks to deliver the message of collectively advancing toward embracing the good aspects of African heritage toward continued posterity. There is a rich cultural diversity within all the African communities dispersed throughout the world. Having realized how much we share in our common un-broken cultural expressions, that is just as alive today as it were in our past in everything we do, and how the African culture is at the brink of extinction, we decided that change could also start from the grassroots. Therefore, World Ebony Network’s vision include:

  • To plead and advance the socio-economic causes of people of African-ancestry
  • To reconcile the estranged cultural relationships of people of African-ancestry
  • To evolve as a people who appreciate people of other heritages


World Ebony Network connects African American, Black Immigrant, and other communities to resources from the following:

  • Government
  • Faith based Institutions
  • Other organizations
  • Diplomatic Corp
  • Politicians
  • Businesses
Organizations strategically aligned or partnering with World Ebony Network will benefit by one or more of the following:

Engage with World Ebony Network

Reaching a wider audience (nationally or globally)

Engaging in collaborative rather than competition endeavors

Helping to improve the quality of life of community members

Reaching members of the community who are likely to fall through the cracks

Reusing rather than reinventing the wheel

Promoting each organization’s agenda

Having a chance to participate in the periodic partnership award program

Based on set criteria (Establish goals to strive to win)

Provide visibility to the community

Why Do We Exist

Purpose Of World Ebony Network

To provide heritage education and charitable services to strengthen the African descendent family. The African-descendant family is increasingly weakening. In recent times, thought patterns and acquired behaviors of African-descendants have become radically individualistic and ethnically sentimental, emitting negative actions and outcomes. This is driven by technology and globalization among other sources.
Consequently, this destabilizes the community.

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Dedicated Support Team

We provide legal advisory services to people of African ancestry around the world.