World Ebony Network Africa Opens 2 Chapters in Africa

Kudo’s to Ambassador Gregory Okon, World Ebony Network (WEN) African Continent Director on opening 2 WEN chapters in Africa.

WIN_20160122_17_58_04_ProGroup Pic 1

      Ohafia LGA Officials at Dec WEN event                                                 Some Cameroon Chapter members after their Jan meeting.

During Ohafia LGA presentation to the community, the chapter officially recognized one of its patrons, His Excellency Chief Okwara Osonwa, who was appointed United Nations World Ambassador for Peace. The event was celebrated at his hometown, Ebem Ohafia.

In January 2016, the Cameroon Chapter hosted its first general meeting of the year, where they elected their officials. They are poised to do many great things in their communities.

Visit to learn more about WEN African chapters.


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