Our Patrons

Ambassador Howard Franklin. Jeter, retired Career Minister of 27 years of distinguished career and wealth of experience, is the former U.S ambassador to Botswana (1993 to 1996) and to Ethiopia where he assisted the country’s transition to democracy. Read More


Late Ambassador George Haley, former US ambassador to Gambia and brother of Roots author Alex Haley, was the second African American to graduate from the University of Arkansas Law School in 1952 at the height of Jim Crow. Alex had described Ambassador Haley as “The Man Who Wouldn’t Quit” in an article for the March 1953 edition of Readers Digest about Late Ambassador Haley ’s experiences at the UA School of Law” Read More


Our Board of Directors

US Army (Ret.) Col. Frank Underwood Sr.— World Ebony Network Board Chairman is a product of rural Ohio, Frank Underwood had high ambitions. Earning a college degree was his goal and ticket to a more productive life than his home community offered. Realizing that his family could not afford to send him to college, he diligently worked at developing his athletic skills in hopes of earning a college scholarship. In doing so he earned a record number of varsity letters in high school. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio provided him a football scholarship, making him one of the first two Black students to receive athletic scholarships at the institution.  Read More

Dr. Ezi Mecha, World Ebony Network founder & CEO , is a multi-talented artist and a creative social entreprenueur. Former IBM Managing Consultant, Dr. Mecha is the founder of non profit, World Ebony Network organization that pleads the socio-economic causes and units people of all African and non-African ancestry. Since the death of her father in 2002, Dr. Mecha took to serving the community, as a way to honor her father. As a community leader and organizer with a passion for charitable services, networking, and humanitarian outreaches, Dr. Mecha has served her community in numerous ways over the past two decades, in such capacities as the co-initiator and first coordinator of the Greater Washington Chapter of Nigerians in Diaspora Organization (NIDO), an umbrella organization founded to help Nigerians network on socio-economic and social issues.  Read More

Dr. Ignatius Ukpabi, is a retired Epidemiologist with the District of Columbia government. Fondly known as the “Mayor” of the Metropolis, he is considered the oldest man with a lot of wisdom in the Ethiopian community, who is called upon by individuals and organizations alike to offer advise on cultural and political issues.

Dr. Ukpabi is the patron of the All Aro USA organization and Abia State Development Union, and Atani. As a  well respected community leader, he has received numerous awards, one of which is an award from the executive county chairman, Jack Johnson.

Marsha Reeves-Jews, CEO of The Bissell Street Group, Inc. a leader in using technology for multicultural communities, addresses the digital divide and innovative STEM educational technologies by developing culturally respectful educational programming and technology strategies for educational systems and community based organizations. Some of her clients include: the Institute for Learning Technologies, the Institute for Urban and Minority Education, Columbia University; The City of Annapolis’ Minority and Small Business Economic Development Enterprise; The Baltimore Empowerment Zone; National Urban League; Alignment Strategies, Inc; VanJo Productions; and Urban Cyberspace. Read More

Mr. George Nwabukwu, CPA PC, Nwabukwu George F. Associates  founder of Nwabukwu and Associates, a Maryland based accounting firm, has over twenty years of experience in both public accounting and corporate accounting/management arenas. Mr. Nwabukwu has worked on various business entities with federal or state/local government contracts, for profit and non-profit organizations and has performed functions in the capacity of grants management auditors, financial analyst, business requirements analyst, government contractors auditors, and lecturer at an area university. Read More

Mr. Chjioke Igwe comes to World Ebony Network with a wealth of international knowledge and is an incredible asset to the organization. He is well traveled and is a philanthropist at heart. Read More



Our Board of Advisors

Ms. Jan Du Plain, currently the Vice Chair of International Correspondents Committee, National Press Club, is a graduate of American University, 1966.  After graduation, she returned to her home town to work on her father’s award-winning weekly newspaper, followed by a stint at a well-known literary agency in Hollywood, Ziegler-Ross, representing authors, screenwriters and actors formation picture companies. Read More


Our African Continent Director

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